The Outdoor Classroom

The Role of the Adult in the Outdoor Classroom

The role of an adult in an outdoor classroom is never an isolated one. Adults will assume multiple roles to support children in their play and learning in the outdoors. However the balance of the roles assumed can significantly impact student learning and engagement.

This book will discuss the seven roles, which identify a range of interactions with the children, environment and community, that will grow a rich culture of practice in the outdoors.

Coming late 2016. Find out more about the overview of the seven roles of the adult in the Outdoor Classroom in our special introductory offer. Sign up for a complementary chapter of the publication.

Seven Roles in the Outdoor Classroom


How the outdoor classroom empowers an educator’s creativity with students using materials that can be moved, carried, combined,  redesigned, lined up, taken apart and put back together in multiple ways.


Seven roles of the Adult in the Outdoor Classroom cover the active observer, provisioner, mentor, monitor, guide, companion and connector.
For about each role, click through to the outline.

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The Humble Honky Nut

In 2009, Gillian published her first book, The Humble Honky Nut, Awakening Relationships with Nature Through Indoor Environments. The inspiration for this 56 page full colour book is the engaging environments of Bold Park Community School.  In this community the challenge to include natural resources in indoor environments has been embraced as essential to the educational experience of the children and families.  Whenever possible, provocations and possibilities engage children directly with found natural and created resources with a view to developing a deep love and respect for our human relationship with our environment.  School resources strive to provide open-ended provocations and endless possibilities for creating and understanding.